The FlagBag

Throughout the history of mankind, the talent to interact in a group, live an active way of life, and the ability to carry personal belongings along with you has been crucial – crucial for not only the expansion of the habitat of us homo sapiens but also for our very survival. Therefore, bags are widely used and fundamental to us humans.

The FlagBag combines the best features found in a bag, a flag, a pillow and a blanket into one single convertible solution. Imagine a crossbody sling bag that in a snap can be converted into a flag, blanket, pillow or an apperal you can wear.


The FlagBag relieves the inconveniences people face when on-the-go and improves the overall experience by moving around in different settings; thereby facilitating an active, happy lifestyle full of vitality in a time where societies are under threat from a sedentary, unhealthy way of living. In addition, The FlagBag enables socializing, a sense of belonging and becomes the door-opener to joyful, memorable moments.